Chattanooga Hugs

Hearts United Grow Stronger

A hug, physical or virtual, connects people with total acceptance. We've been a strong city. Now, we can be a kind and loving city.  Hugs are always free. They are a gift from the heart to bring joy into someone else's life. They always echo joy back to the giver. 

About Us

Inspiration came from the Free Hugs campaign, but that only has one face. Chattanooga Hugs needs to grow into the face of everyone in the area. If you don't want to be touched, try a virtual hug. A hug always expresses love, compassion, caring, concern, and a good will for the other. Hugs echo—what is given is returned.

What is a hug?

A hug conveys real caring can be physical—a real two arm, full embrace hug. Always ask before offering a physical hug. Alternatively offer a virtual hug explaining what your hug means and asking if the recipient wants to mirror your actions. Check out community events, and you'll learn more. 
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